So you use Pinterest?

pinterest-seo-tipsWhen I think about social media that I use professionally and personally, the main one that comes to mind is Pinterest. It is like a digital cork board. You can pin anything that you like to a specific board, so that you can reference it later. Have boards that are called: food, for the home, crafts, 4th grade (since that is what I teach), teacher, and giraffes. Some of my boards have some random things that I thought were cool or unique and other have things that I have actively put into place.

Personally I use it to get ideas for decorating or crafts for different rooms in my house, I also use it to share ideas with family and friends that I think they might like. Between my husband and I, we cook food that we have found on Pinterest and he photographs it for our home. At one point I started a blog about the food that I have cooked from Pinterest, but never followed through (it is still a goal that might happen after my Masters).

Professionally, there are many educators that share or promote their blogs on Pinterest that I have begun to follow. From this I have found resources for my classroom as well as organizational strategies that work really well. Often times Pinterest becomes what I do when I just need to do something mindlessly and without much content.

Some strategies that I think could enhance the use of Pinterest is self promotion by linking other profiles. That would allow others to see an image and then link to find out more. This is how I have found most of the teacher blogs I follow.


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