Try Something New

I wanted to try something new in the world of digital media and networking , so I decided to look at SlideShare since the school district I work in provided a presentation from it in one of our social studies units. I have not had any other exposure to it. It looks like it is powered by LinkedIn.

The purpose of SlideShare is to post and share presentations that have been created for a variety of purposes. These purposes include- Education, technology, health care, real estate, self-improvement, sports, and travel. There are many categories you can explore. You can also upload presentations you have created to share with others. It lets you add presentations to a clipboard if you would like to save them for later. It is also a good place to look for inspiration when having to create a presentation.

Personally, I see this as a tool that I could use for inspiration or even navigating the ends and outs of traveling for my upcoming trip. I don’t know that it would be my go to space for information and connection in my personal life.

I see the value of this tool professionally, because I can see how others have taught a specific skill. I can also use it to learn about what is new in educational research. I can see how this tool would be beneficial for corporations and investment companies to see how others are managing their company or business proposals. You can also get presentations from recent conference that have been presented.

Overall, I can see many professions finding this tool useful for the aide in creating and utilizing presentations.


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