Quizalize is a tool that can be used to create quiz games for any of your classroom content. You can also pull from quizzes that were created by others. It awards students points for their speed and accuracy in answering questions. This application shows which students need what type of reteach and allows for comparison of previous test scores. The real-time feedback for students can boost their confidence and show them what they need to work on.

I would recommend this for elementary classrooms because it is more engaging for younger students. I could see older students thinking this was a silly way to take a test, or feel insulted by the playfulness of the app. I am considering trying this with my students, who are 4th graders.


3 thoughts on “Quizalize

  1. I will definitely be passing this along to our teachers at school. I might also play with it in my NLS space just to give it a test drive it. Thank you for sharing the resource.


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