Is your privacy protected?


As I think about privacy of my Basecamp and my NLS, I have not put much consideration into it because these spaces have the goal of generating followers. I am careful what I put on these two spaces but when I think of other social media spaces, I have worked very hard to make sure that my spaces such as Facebook and Instagram are carefully protected.

Privacy policies are always changing in social media and that can be scary especially if you do not frequently check the new settings. There is also the aspect of false profiles, you think you are interacting with someone you know but really it is a false profile that was hacked or recreated.

I have high privacy settings on social media due to being a teacher and not wanting my students to have access to my personal life. I know there are things that I have private but a student told me that they had googled my name and were able to see my tattoo that I had gotten about a year ago. This was concerning because I thought it was all private….


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