Is your privacy protected?

As I think about privacy of my Basecamp and my NLS, I have not put much consideration into it because these spaces have the goal of generating followers. I am careful what I put on these two spaces but when I think of other social media spaces, I have worked very hard to make sure […]

My Tribe

When it comes to what makes up my tribe, it would have to be built on the relationship aspect and not on numbers. I find that my tribe is mostly family and colleagues. These are the people that support me and encourage me to be the best I can be. I hope to reach some […]


Quizalize is a tool that can be used to create quiz games for any of your classroom content. You can also pull from quizzes that were created by others. It awards students points for their speed and accuracy in answering questions. This application shows which students need what type of reteach and allows for comparison […]


Classcraft is a web-based app that allows teachers to create a gaming setting within the classroom. Students can earn XP (experience) points for answering a question correctly or participating in discussion. Students can also lose HP (health points) for things such as bullying, arriving late or not having their homework. It also allows for students […]

Connecting with Connectivism

Technology is altering (rewiring) our brains. The tools we use define and shape our thinking. –George Siemens Hmmm. When I read this quote and really thought about how technology has changed the way we think about things or even how we see the world around us. I do agree with this statement because we live […]

So you use Pinterest?

When I think about social media that I use professionally and personally, the main one that comes to mind is Pinterest. It is like a digital cork board. You can pin anything that you like to a specific board, so that you can reference it later. Have boards that are called: food, for the home, […]